A novel approach to synaptic protection in Alzheimer’s disease

Cognition Therapeutics Commences Clinical Trials in Melbourne

Scale Angels investee company Cognition Therapeutics commences clinical trials in Melbourne 
Friday 18th September 2015.
Cognition Therapeutics Inc. (CogRx), a privately held pharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing disease-modifying therapies for Alzheimer’s and related neurodegenerative diseases, announced today that it has commenced Phase 1 clinical studies in Melbourne. This study will examine the safety and pharmacokinetics of the company’s first-in-class oligomer displacement drug targeting the toxic beta-amyloid oligomers that cause Alzheimer’s disease. This drug has the potential to rapidlyimprove and possibly reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and to stop disease progression. These studies are being supported by CogRx’s recentlyclosed Series B capital raising of US$12 million. This financing came from an investment syndicate led by US based female entrepreneur-focused angel network Golden Seeds, and included Scale Angels. Scale is part of a growing global ecosystem that recognizes the importance of investing in women-led businesses.

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