CogRx is focused on delivering innovative therapies that improve the lives of Alzheimer’s patients. We deeply thank the patients, families, clinical researchers, hospitals, and clinics that participate in clinical trials testing our drug candidate. Every patient that participates allows us to learn more about the effect of this medicine and contributes to scientist’s understanding of the disease, which benefits all patients.

Current open trials
We are currently conducting a clinical trial of our drug candidate CT1812 in Alzheimer’s patients. For more information on Cognition clinical trials in your area in Australia, please phone 1800 558 952

Update October 17, 2016
Cognition Therapeutics is deeply grateful for the overwhelming response to the recent media coverage in Australia of our clinical trial for our experimental medicine, CT1812. We want you to know that every person in Australia who has called the 800 number will receive a call back about the study from a trained staff member who will provide further direction. There are not at this time any clinic trials underway for CT1812 in the United States.