Until very recently, the understanding and availability of drug targets in Alzheimer’s has been sparse and concentrated on acetylcholinesterase, NMDA receptors or insoluble amyloid plaque. Cognition Therapeutics has taken a new approach, using the new concept that soluble Abeta oligomers are the primary neurotoxic element causing neuronal degeneration and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease and discovered a brand new drug target, the sigma-2/PGRMC1 receptor.

Central to this discovery is Cognition Therapeutics’ information-rich, biological screening platform, designed to mimic elements of brain neuronal circuitry critical to synaptic and neuronal viability. A key aspect of this platform is that it measures a regaining of neuronal function and this together with Cognition Therapeutics’ unique natural product chemistry platform, differentiates Cognition Therapeutics from its competitors. Their scientists have used these two proprietary platforms to characterize sigma-2/PGRMC1 as the only Abeta receptor so far discovered from which Abeta can be displaced pharmacologically.