2017 Events


  Upcoming Events

November 1-7, 2017 10th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD)
Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Boston, MA
September 26, 2017 Ladenburg Thalmann Healthcare Conference
Sofitel New York Hotel
New York, NY
September 19, 2017 Mizuho CNS Deep Management Day
The Langham Boston
Boston, MA

  Past Events

August 20-24, 2017 254th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC
August 10, 2017 Canaccord Genuity Growth Conference webcast link
InterContinental Hotel
Boston, MA
July 16-20, 2017 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2017
A Phase 1 Safety Trial of the Aβ Oligomer Receptor Antagonist CT1812
London, UK
April 7, 2017 Future Leaders in the Biotech Industry conference
Millennium Broadway Hotel & Conference Center
New York, NY
March 29 – April 2, 2017 Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Diseases Congress – AD/PD™
Translational Research in Drug Discovery for AD: a Plethora of Targets: Which is the Best, is There “a Best One”?
Vienna, Austria
December 8-10, 2016 Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD)
CT1812, a drug candidate for Alzheimer’s disease, achieves predicted therapeutic concentrations after multiple dosing in healthy human volunteers
San Diego, CA
November 12-16, 2016 Society for Neuroscience Meeting November 2016
– Characterization of alpha synuclein oligomers from Parkinson’s patient tissue
– Identification of drug candidates that block the effects of alpha-synuclein oligomers on membrane trafficking
– Sigma-2/PGRMC1 antagonist pharmacodynamic target engagement biomarker discovery for Alzheimer’s disease
– Sigma-2/PGRMC1 antagonists as disease-modifying therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease
– On the identity of sigma-2 binding sites and PGRMC1: evidence in neurons relating to Alzheimer’s disease
San Diego, CA
July 24 – 28, 2016 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2016
A Two-Part, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 1 Study of the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Single and Multiple Ascending Doses of CT1812 in Healthy Volunteers
Toronto, Canada
March 18-22, 2015 Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Diseases Congress – AD/PD™
ABeta 42 Oligomer Binding to Neuronal Sigma-2/Pgrmc1 Receptors is Displaced by Drug Candidates that Improve Cognitive Deficits
Nice, France
April 26 – May 3, 2014 American Academy of Neurology
An ABeta Antagonist and Antibodies to Specific Target Receptor Epitopes Displace ABeta in Alzheimer’s Patient Brain Tissue Sections
Philadelphia, PA
March 19-20, 2014 Labroots BioConference Live: Neuroscience YouTube Link
ABeta Oligomer Receptor Antagonists as Disease
Modifying Alzheimers Therapeutics