About Us

Cognition Therapeutics is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the creation and clinical development of a pipeline of disease-modifying small molecule drug candidates that stop neurological disease processes and restore and preserve the building blocks of brain health and function: the synapse.

Cognition’s lead candidate, CT1812, is a proprietary first-in-class, orally dosed and highly brain penetrant small molecule in development for the treatment of mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

A significant body of genetic and clinical evidence points to accumulation of Aβ as the central pathogenic cause of Alzheimer’s disease. When Aβ protein accumulates in the brain, it changes shape and takes a variety of different structural forms:

  • The fibrillar form of the protein (Aβ proteins lined up in an infinite polymer) accumulates in plaques, the brain lesions that characterize Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Alternatively, Aβ can form a different globular shape known as an oligomer (composed of multiple Aβ molecules in a medusa-like structure).

Scientific evidence indicates that oligomeric Aβ is the most neurotoxic form of the Aβ protein. This is because, when bound to their target receptor complex on synapses, Aβ oligomers trigger a neurotoxic cascade that leads to synapse loss and neuronal death.

CT1812 allosterically modulates (changes the shape of) a key protein regulator of the Aβ oligomer receptor site: the sigma-2 receptor complex. CT1812’s interaction with sigma-2 destabilizes the oligomer binding site, resulting in the displacement of Aβ oligomers from synapses and their clearance into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). As a result, CT1812 has the potential to restore synaptic numbers and function.


Cognition Therapeutics was founded on a unique combination of biological expertise in synaptic function and plasticity, a deep understanding of and focus on the role of toxic soluble proteins, and proprietary CNS-biased chemistry. Supported by dedicated investors as well as Alzheimer’s disease focused entities including the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation and the National Institute on Aging of the NIH, Cognition’s founders, Susan Catalano, Ph.D. and Gilbert Rishton, Ph.D. and their team identified CT1812 and brought this molecule into Phase 2 clinical development.


Cognition’s mission is to stop the unrelenting progression of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), and by doing so alter the impact of the societal tsunami of these fatal diseases.

CT1812’s Status

Based on its initial clinical trial in individuals with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease, CT1812 was granted Fast Track designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). CT1812 is covered by composition of matter patents worldwide.

CT1812 is currently in Phase 2 development for the treatment of mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease. More information about these studies may be found here.

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