About Us

Cognition Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical stage neuroscience company developing drugs that help restore normal cellular damage responses in neurodegenerative and neuro-ophthalmic disorders.
The company’s candidates work by binding to protein components of the σ-2 (sigma-2) receptor complex, which is present on synapses and acts as a key regulator of cellular damage and stress response. Receptor component proteins (PGRMC1 and TMEM97) control autophagy, cholesterol synthesis and lipid membrane-bound protein trafficking, all of which are associated with age-related central nervous system (CNS) disorders.
Lead Candidate – CT1812
Cognition’s lead candidate, CT1812, is an orally delivered, first-in-class, brain-penetrant small molecule drug designed to bind selectively to the σ-2 receptor complex. By so doing, the aim is to restore the damaged cellular processes that drive diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, dry age-related macular degeneration (dry AMD), geographic atrophy and other conditions. To learn more about our ongoing and planned clinical studies, please visit our Pipeline.
Review of Cognition’s foundational science, told by co-founder, Susan Catalano, PhD.
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